How Planning Process Works

Initial Consultation
The first step in the NDIS process is to contact the NDIS and request an Access Request Form. Once the form is completed and submitted, an NDIS representative will contact the person to arrange an initial consultation.
Access and Eligibility
During the initial consultation, the NDIS representative will assess the person's eligibility for the scheme. The representative will ask questions about the person's disability, how it affects their life, and the support they require.
If the person is deemed eligible for the NDIS, the next step is to develop a plan. The plan outlines the person's goals, the support they require, and how the support will be delivered.
Plan Approval
Once the plan has been developed, it must be approved by the NDIA. The person will receive a copy of their plan, which outlines the funding they are entitled to and the types of support they can access.
The implementation stage involves putting the plan into action. This may include finding service providers, purchasing equipment, or modifying the person's home.
Regular Plan Review
The final step in the NDIS process is regular plan reviews. Your provider will review your plan regularly to ensure it still meets their needs. The person can also request a plan review if their circumstances change.